I would rather be an open sinner than a false saint. I would rather hate the truth than make love to a lie. I live, I love, I laugh, I lie & I know you do the same things too, so we're not that different, me & you.

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▸ March 24 ♈
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▸ Vegetarian (4yrs)
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Got my hands on this amazing palette, all the shadows smell like real chocolate. 😍👌💛 #toofaced #makeup

💕Got the full bento box & utensil set. Super kawaii 💕 #pink #girly #strawberry

✨Hello Kitty Floss✨Found this @jada_trippy_ house now it’s mine 😝 #pink #girly




#Hellokitty ice cream on this sunny beautiful day. 🍦☀

Healthy Snacks 🍇🍌🍍🍓
#foodpic #girly #pink



🎀 Always 🎀 #bows
#girly #pink